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PnP Janitorial Service
Awesome place to buy a car. by PnP Janitorial Service from OKC | June 13, 2012 Rating from PnP Janitorial Service (5.0) Customer Service 5 out of 5 Buying Process 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities 5 out of 5 Good place because I gave them my budget and they found me a truck I love that fits my budget. Everything works and it is a nice clean truck. I was in and out and driving my new truck the same day. They keep their word. Their hand shake is as good as a signed contract.
Oklahoma City
Great people, easy car deal I will tell everyone I know about them. We got treated with respect got a great deal and an awsome new truck!!! Thanks to Shane and Alex, go see them and leave with a smile.
Rebecca Livingston
South OKC
Great place to buy a car. Understood my situation, worked with me on my downpayment. Made it easy, quick and comfortable. Thank you Lumpy's!!!
Naomi Arthurs
Oklahoma City
We have never been to a car dealership where we have been treated with such respect and care. We found the car online and called to inquire about it. They ran all the paperwork and told us what we needed. There were no hidden fees. The car was waiting for us. Unlike some car dealers if you can not get in that day to get the vehicle they go ahead and sell it. At Lumpy's we told them which car we liked and they held it for us for nearly two weeks. We received such wonderful customer service from Shawn McCubbin and Shane that we will never go to another dealership. We have found our car home. Thank you Lumpy's for your awesome team and care.